Ken Barry - Brass & Woodwinds

Ken Barry is a graduate from Montclair State University, New Jersey where he earned a Bachelors of Music degree and a New Jersey Teacher of Music Certification for Grades K-12.

Ken has extensive experience teaching Trumpet, Trombone, Tuba, Baritone Horn, Euphonium, Clarinet, Alto & Tenor Sax. 

Ken is also qualified to teach beginning Violin and Viola.  In addition Ken teaches beginning and intermediate piano.

His teaching philosophy is to instill in every student the attitude that every obstacle is an opportunity to improve. 

Because Ken is a working public school music teacher he is able to also prepare his more advanced students for juries and regional auditions.  

Ken’s balance of practical and academic teaching skills will serve to inspire the beginning students and accelerate the progress of the intermediate to advanced student who wishes to play at the most competitive level.  


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