Sound Engineering Program

Ackerman’s Music Center is proud to announce we have started a Sound Engineering Program!

The program consists of a 50 minute weekly instruction for music enthusiasts who are looking to be a part of the creative music process that involves recording in the studio as well as live events.

Ability to play a musical instrument is a plus but not a requirement. 

The program will cover:

  1. Introduction to Pro-Tools recording software.

  2. The application of microphones used in recording the various instruments associated with recording pop, rock, jazz, and heavy metal.

  3. Understanding amplifiers, mixers and other cutting edge electronic equipment associated with sound recording. 

  4. Recording vocals. 

  5. Learning how to mix and master tracks. 

  6. Creating tracks for songs of various types.

This program is comprehensive and will prepare the student to operate independently in a recording environment.

The program is open to people of all ages with a minimum age of 12.

The course is taught individually but some projects will be assigned to groups of students to teach planning, organization and teamwork. 
Tuition is $540 per month

A three month tuition package is also available at $1458 per three months. 

Interested students can call the store at 201-847-2524 to schedule an initial half hour session with Mr. Torres that is free of charge. This trial session is designed to introduce the student to the basic skill set that is required of all sound engineers.